One of the greatest hurdles to productivity is busyness. This is true for tasks and checklists, and it’s also true for discipleship and living on mission. I have seen two main myths keep me and others from bearing fruit for Jesus. Both the mentor myth and the Bible study myth fool us by keeping us busy and unproductive.

The Mentor Myth

Those who believe the mentor myth believe they are missing pieces to truly be used by the Lord for making disciples. This means that they believe their acceptance by Jesus is through another person, a mediator. They need a stronger, smarter, wiser, or more seasoned leader to personally invest in them. They need to feel vetted, comforted, and constantly feel a sense of affirmation from their “mentor.”

While one-on-one discipleship is great, the mentor myth is not that. The mentor myth lies to us and tells us that we are still on the outside of full acceptance and full forgiveness of Jesus. The truth is if Jesus has saved you, then He has given you his Spirit, Word, church, and mission. You aren’t missing any pieces. You may simply be missing repentance.

The Bible Study Myth

Those who believe the Bible study myth believe that we need to know a lot about the Bible to be good Christians. They believe that what is ultimately wrong with most people is that they don’t know the Bible well enough.

I’ve heard it many times: “Pastor, I think we need to go deeper into study.” I have friends who fill their week with Bible study. They don’t, however, have many, if any, non-Christian friends. They have declared their eschatological position but don’t know the names of their neighbors. It makes me sad.

The Christian’s life is not marked by knowing a lot. The Christian’s life should be marked by repenting a lot. There’s nothing deeper than reading the Bible and responding with faith and repentance. If you have been fooled by one of these myths, repent and get on mission for Jesus.

Jason Vance

Jason Vance

Jason Vance is the pastor of Valley Life | Surprise, planted in 2014. He was the Director of Missions for Mullins Baptist Association from 2010-2014.