As we close out our first five months of writing about making disciples and planting churches, I thought it would be only fitting to revisit the top five posts we have had so far. If you haven’t read them yet, by all means, take the opportunity to do so now. If you’ve already read them once and liked them, then read them again or help us out by sharing them with a friend.

#5) On Being Bi-Vocational: Serving Chicken to the Glory of God

By Philip Tallman

This recent guest post from Philip Tallman is worth the read for anyone who isn’t in love with their day job. Philip, a bi-vocational pastor, talks about how he sees his job at Chick-fil-A as a way to glorify God and make much of Jesus.

#4) The Two Marks of a Good Volunteer

By Tanner Britt

It came as a shock to me to see the good performance of this piece I wrote, but since Valley Life Churches are largely volunteer driven, it makes sense. Here I discuss the two marks of a good volunteer and how to cultivate these qualities in your team members.

#3) Church Planting Math: Addition vs. Multiplication

By Brian Bowman

Valley Life | Tramonto pastor, Brian Bowman, explains how you can continue to grow even when you send members out to a church plant. That’s all because when you’re planting churches, you are not simply talking about addition—it’s about multiplication.

#2) Why We Should Acknowledge Failure

By Brian Bowman

Here, Brian tells the story of a church he planted in Portland, Oregan—well, sort of. Was it a failure? He would say yes. But what about all the good things that happened? He has something to say about that too, along with some advice on how to fail well.

#1) Why I’m Unfair to My Wife

By Brian Bowman

In our most popular post so far, Brian describes how being “fair” isn’t always best. When it comes to our spouse and children, shouldn’t we have something better to offer?

I’d like to offer a big “thank you” to everyone who has been reading the Valley Life Network Blog up to now. We hope it has been helpful and that you have enjoyed it. There’s more to come.

Tanner Britt

Tanner Britt

Tanner Britt is the Network Communications Directors at Valley Life and the general editor of the Valley Life Network Blog.