Last week, my four-year-old walked around the house for at least twenty minutes singing, “You are good, good, oh!” We sang “King of My Heart” that morning at church, and I think he could hear the church singing from his classroom. Our church already sings quite loudly, but that refrain always brings out the loudest voices. Later that same day, someone from our church posted on Facebook that their kids were walking around singing the same thing.

Several years ago, there was battle in the “Worship Wars” over lyrics. There were a number of people who decried modern church music because it was too repetitive. They claimed that older hymns were better because they held rich theology. While it is true that many hymns teach solid theology, I would argue that simple truth is still truth.

Simple Prayers

A spiritual discipline I learned years ago to help continually pray is to think about one line to pray all day. For a season in my life, I walked around praying, “Jesus, make me brave” over and over. It was simple, and it was a real prayer that I needed answered. Songs that we sing often have simple truth.

This weekend we will sing “Look and See” from The Village Church. In that song we repeat several times “Glory, glory to our God.” I want our people to sing that line all week. That line can help our people pray all week that God would get glory through their lives.

Biblical Pattern

Our God is a complex and mysterious God, but he delights in simple things. Through the Gospels, Jesus is found telling his disciples that they should have the simple faith of a child. In Revelation, we learn that there are angels that will spend all of eternity worshipping God by crying, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!” Again, that is a simple truth that deserves repetition. As the Church we should look to the Bible to find ways to worship. One way is to repeatedly give glory to God.

It’s a simple truth, but we put easy to remember line in the mouths of our people, and they walk out singing. Not every song needs to include complex theology. Sometimes the best songs simply equip our people with one or two lines that can help shape a family.

Jared Johnson

Jared Johnson

Jared Johnson is the worship and communications leader at Valley Life | Tramonto.