His name is James. He wasn’t just uninterested in church, he was scared. We prayed for months and months, and God heard our prayers and saved him.

Be a Friend

Oh, I wish you could have been there to see his baptism and hear his story. It began with a roommate named Alex. Alex invited him to community group and church, both to no avail. But Alex didn’t quit. He kept being his friend, and he didn’t shy away from late night conversations. Alex persisted in helping his friend see Jesus, and Jesus saved James.

The point is this: evangelism is not weird or mystical. It is names and next steps. Who’s not in your group or coming to church but you really wish they were? What is their next step? What’s yours? Make friends and walk with them as Jesus calls them to himself.

Pray Like Crazy

Get your staff, leaders, and groups together with a big post-it note and answer these simple questions. Then pray. Pray for each of them by name and all of them as a group. Pray for each other as you take your next steps. And then wait. Watch God show up and show off.

We prayed for James every day for four months. We put reminders on our devices to pray at 1:57 pm for Luke 15:7, and our prayer was simple: “Jesus, save James.”

Follow Up

When you meet again, follow up with each other and give a report on the status of each name. Encourage one another with stories of how God has moved and exhort one another to continue to help your friends take their next steps.

This is evangelism. It is encouraging people to take the next step. Just imagine what would happen if your team did this. I believe you would see a real movement of God in your church, like never before.

This is what we have done, and now our friend James is leading a community group, bringing his friends to church, and praying for people in the same way we prayed for him.

Bryson Isom

Bryson Isom

Bryson Isom is the pastor of Valley Life | Camelback, located adjacent to the campus of Grand Canyon University.