At Valley Life, our vision for kids ministry is to help parents raise their kids to love Jesus. We know that parents are the main disciplers of their kids (Proverbs 22:6), and the hour a week that we have them isn’t enough to change their lives. Only Jesus can do that (Acts 4:12), but parents can faithfully point their kids toward him. So, how can you help bring parents on board to work alongside with your kids ministry in order to raise kids who love Jesus?

Be Intentional

Everything we do, from greeting the parent, the coloring page, lesson planning, worship and prayer, all has to point to Jesus. There is no time to waste (Matthew 3:2-3). We are here to serve God, to show parents and kids the love of Jesus, and to do all things for his glory.

Rely on Jesus

We’ve all got problems. We expect everyone, teachers and kids, to walk through the door with issues that only Jesus can fix. These kids have real stuff going on: their parents are divorcing, they have witnessed abuse, they are bullied at school. Some feel unloved, or they just don’t know their worth. They find out quickly that their parents and new gadgets can’t fulfill the longing for something more. Our teachers are able to point them to Jesus because they themselves have to rely on him on a daily basis (Matthew 16:24-28). Regardless how well a lesson plan is written, nothing can compare to a teacher that knows and understands the grace that God has given them and can relay that to vastly different kids on a personalized basis.

Communicate with Parents

We want our parents to know what the kids discussed during class. They each get a take home page with a Scripture for the week and questions that the parents can ask their kids. It also includes something they can do during the week. We want to set parents up to succeed and help them to be transparent with their kids by talking about sin and how Jesus saved them.

If a kid in class asks about baptism, we talk to the parents about that. Likewise, if a child is disobeying in class, we talk to the parents about that too. We want to have an open door with our parents. We want to create a safe place, a place that we can point each other to Jesus.

It’s Personal

These are our kids, our family, and our community. We want the kids we meet on Sunday to love and know Jesus just as much as our own kids. The church will be here long after we are gone, and who will be left to show God’s love and point others to Jesus? That is why we must start now—with our kids and their parents.

Tia Harwood

Tia Harwood

Tia Harwood is the children's ministry director for Valley Life | Tramonto.