I quickly poured my cup of coffee as soon as the percolating was finished. However, I may have been a little too “industriously eager” because, before I realized it, the cup was suddenly filled to the brim.

Everything seemed just fine as I stopped and looked my situation over. After all, full is good. No problem, really. I might have to be a little more careful than normal as I carry it to my desk, I thought, but I do have average motor skills, and surely I can carry a full cup of coffee across a room, can’t I?

The Inevitable Pain of Doing Too Much

But after a few cautious steps, it happened. In the middle of my great balancing act, the coffee sloshed over the top of the cup and onto my hand. The instant pain from the burn caused me to instinctively jerk, resulting in even more spilling on the floor. Now, I had a mess to clean up, a stinging hand, and a sudden downturn of my outlook on an otherwise great morning. All because I put too much coffee in my cup.

Don’t Ignore Your Limits

This is so many of us in life. We plan and schedule and cram so many things into a twenty-four hour day that we can’t handle any of it very well. Life gets “over the top” because we don’t monitor our limits. There are limitations that must be observed. When this doesn’t happen, relationships, responsibilities, or important tasks will be neglected and result in a mess. It doesn’t matter how great your skills or your balancing ability, you have your limits.

There is a rim of my cup for a reason. A cup can only hold so much, and then the cupbearer can get burned. We would do much better to keep things at a manageable limit.

Andy Bowman

Andy Bowman

Andy Bowman is the senior pastor of First Baptist Idabel in Idabel, OK.