3 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Leaders

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Leading Your Church Planting Team

Recently, I wrote about how leaders can be categorized as either gas or brakes, and how gas leaders might be damaging their credibility with their congregation. Today, as I wrap up this series on credibility, I want to talk about another group of people about which a “gas” church planter needs to think deeply: their … Continued

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Serving God in Your Weakness

Serving God in Your Inadequacy

As editor of this blog, I’ve talked to a large number of people about the possibility of writing for us. Because Valley Life is made up of church plants that are largely volunteer-driven, many of those people have been our very own volunteer leaders. Some of them have been here for a long time, and … Continued

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3 Considerations for Mission Teams

3 Considerations for Mission Teams

When your church is just being started, the temptation is to take all the help you can get. While this is mostly, if not completely, true when it comes to finances, it is not always the case with mission teams filled with volunteers. Without proper planning and leadership, a large group of helpers can actually … Continued

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Dear Church Plant Volunteer

Dear Church Plant Volunteer Leader, Thank you. Thank you for helping plant this church. For knowing how to serve and being willing to teach others to do so. Thank you for stepping into the crazy world of leading people. You may notice I called you leader. Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as such, but … Continued

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Join Existing Church Plant

Joining an Existing Church Plant

My wife and I moved to Phoenix to join Valley Life | Tramonto in November 2016. In January 2017, the church celebrated its fifth anniversary. By the time I joined the staff, the team had five years of shared stories, a common vernacular that was foreign to me, and inside jokes that I politely nodded … Continued

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Serving Delight Duty

Serving from Delight Instead of Duty

I will never forget the first time I led worship in my youth group. The lyrics were displayed by a projector with transparent slides lighting the walls. I had a junky guitar my dad bought for me at an auction, and I did a version of “Trading My Sorrows” that played a little fast and loose … Continued

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Creative Ministry Staff

Creative and Effective Ways to Build a Ministry Staff

Recently, in an elders meeting, it dawned on me that we have a church with nearly 1000 in weekly attendance, and no one who works on our staff has served in a full-time ministry position prior to coming to work at our church. Let me say that again, no one on our staff has served in … Continued

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Strategic Reasons to Start a Second Service

Our church launched on January 8 this year in an elementary cafeteria. We spent the previous eighteen months incubating at our sending church, meeting new people, building a core team, launching three community groups, letting our service teams practice at a sister church, and holding three preview services. This Easter we launched our second service. … Continued

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Those Who Can’t Lead, Do

Recently after Sunday morning service, my team and I had an emergency meeting. The reason for the meeting was simple: I was doing too much, and they were doing too little. To be clear, it wasn’t their fault. It would’ve been easy to blame them, but the real problem was me. The reason I was … Continued

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A Plan to Plant: 5 Steps to Take Before Launch

A church plant does not just happen. You must have a plan. It takes time, energy, prayer, much sweat, and many tears. Here are 5 steps you should consider before launching your church. Assessment A planter needs to be measured in a host of competencies: preaching, entrepreneurial leadership, vision casting, a strong marriage (if married), and … Continued

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