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10 Reasons You Can’t Plant a Church

Should I plant a church? I still remember asking myself that very question years ago. Being a part of five church plants over the years, ten characteristics constantly rose to the top that indicated whether or not it was for me. I have been weak in many and over time have strengthened in some. These … Continued

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Serving God in Your Weakness

Serving God in Your Inadequacy

As editor of this blog, I’ve talked to a large number of people about the possibility of writing for us. Because Valley Life is made up of church plants that are largely volunteer-driven, many of those people have been our very own volunteer leaders. Some of them have been here for a long time, and … Continued

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Should You Plant a Church?

“How will I know if I’m supposed to plant a church?” That’s the question that kept me pinned down when my church was just a dream growing in my head. It’s also the question that most aspiring church planters ask me. Is church planting mystical? Is it spiritual? Or is it practical? One of the most important … Continued

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To Plant or Not to Plant

In this final part of this series on my journey to planting a church, I’d like to talk about self-assessment. I believe every planter should be assessed by other experienced planters before they plant the church. But before that happens, they should ask themselves several questions. Here are a few I wrestled with and worked … Continued

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From Pastor to Planter: A Story of Transition

I have not always known I was called to plant a church. In fact, I feared doing so, and for the majority of my life did not consider myself capable of doing so. In the following I will try to capture and condense the major pieces or milestones God used to draw me into church … Continued

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