Motivation and Acknowledgment

The Link Between Motivation and Acknowledgment

In his book Payoff, behavioral economist Dan Ariely recounts an experiment involving motivation. In short, participants were asked to perform a meaningless task, circling pairs of matched letters on randomly generated sheets of paper. When they were finished, they returned their paper and were given 55 cents. Each time, they were offered a smaller amount … Continued

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3 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Leaders

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Leading Your Church Planting Team

Recently, I wrote about how leaders can be categorized as either gas or brakes, and how gas leaders might be damaging their credibility with their congregation. Today, as I wrap up this series on credibility, I want to talk about another group of people about which a “gas” church planter needs to think deeply: their … Continued

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Volunteer Driven Service

One Tip to Make a Volunteer-Driven Service Feel Professional

During my years as a worship leader, I have worked with a number of volunteers who were not comfortable on stage, got the shakes, and had little to no experience working with a microphone. Everybody has specific issues to work on, but there is a single common issue I’ve seen, without fail, that every volunteer needs … Continued

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Gas and Brakes

Gas and Brakes: The Two Leaders You Need

In our experience planting Valley Life, we’ve come to identify various leadership personalities. We boiled it down to two basic categories: you could call them starters and finishers, optimists and realists, but we came to refer to them as gas and brakes. In a way, both approaches are needed, but there are specific roles in … Continued

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