When Your Husband Does Not Believe

I’ve found myself there, married with a newborn baby and saved by the grace of God. I would ask my husband to attend church with me, and he would reluctantly come, sometimes. We would fight about it, about everything really. It was not pretty. Sin and brokenness were suddenly magnified everywhere, and I couldn’t talk … Continued

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Raise Kids Love Jesus

Helping Parents Raise Kids Who Love Jesus

At Valley Life, our vision for kids ministry is to help parents raise their kids to love Jesus. We know that parents are the main disciplers of their kids (Proverbs 22:6), and the hour a week that we have them isn’t enough to change their lives. Only Jesus can do that (Acts 4:12), but parents … Continued

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Celebrate What You Want Repeated

Do you wonder how you can get your volunteers motivated to do more? Celebrate your team’s wins. It’s simple, often free, and takes minimal effort. Why It Works We know that when we reward our kids with something special for their behavior, they are more willing to repeat that behavior. This works not just because they crave that treat … Continued

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