Going to the Bottom

Developing Your Team by Going to the Bottom

Recently, in part one of a series on developing your church planting team, I wrote about the importance of getting on the same page by having a literal page. Today, in part two, we’ll focus on the second thing you must do when building your team: going to the bottom. In another life, I worked for … Continued

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Getting on the Same Page

Getting Your Team on the Same Page

You have identified the right people to lead your teams, vision has been cast, and your people are excited to reach the lost. So, what’s next? Let me give you three things you must do to develop your church planting team: Get on the same page. Go to the bottom with them. Hold them accountable. Today, … Continued

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Marriage Dating Singleness

5 Ways to Prepare for Marriage as a Single Person

Dating: there’s so much bad advice out there these days. So, when it comes to dating, how do we get it right? How do we prepare for our future marriage? First off, let me confess something: this is not about how to get a date. That’s easy—just lower your standards. Make them low enough, and you … Continued

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3 Ways to Make Your Volunteers Feel Valued

Recently, as he put away the Bibles after service, a volunteer told me, “This is the first time I have ever felt like I am really serving out of joy rather than obligation.” This was a huge win! As leaders we all want to hear this, but how do we get there? How do we … Continued

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