Bad Words Church Planters

A List of Bad Words for Church Planters

Sometimes, aspiring or new church planters will ask me for advice or critique. Here are two points concerning their use of language, including a list of bad words for church planters: Be intentional about language you use. You’ll find it more difficult to connect with people if you’re using words that they associate with being … Continued

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Better Leader

One Way to Become a Better Leader

I’ve learned something about growing as a leader, and I always enjoy sharing things that I have learned. When you want to get better at something—anything—force yourself to be around people that already are better. Struggling to be kind in your relationships? Spend time around very kind people. Aware that you’re not the kind of … Continued

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Parents Can Do

7 Things Parents Can and Should Do

There’s a lot of things parents shouldn’t do. In a recent sermon series we talked about how, as parents, we want to go beyond obedience and get to the heart of our kids. That means we don’t want to make decisions as parents that simply modify our children’s behavior, but instead we want to train them … Continued

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Staying on Mission

Don’t Stop Planting: How to Keep Your Church on Mission

Church planter: before you ask if something is good, you must ask what it’s for. You already know this. You have talked to people who view themselves as good without giving a second thought to what they are for. Colossians 1:16 tells them that they were made by God and for God, but they don’t … Continued

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5 Benefits of Losing Members to a Church Plant

Planting churches—at least the way we do it—is costly. From its inception, Valley Life has planned to embrace the ups and downs of sending out our best givers, volunteers, and friends as missionaries in order to make disciples and plant churches in other parts of our city. Even our logo hints at the gains and … Continued

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What Please Does

What “Please” Does to Your Kids

Are you a dad that says “please?” When Mommy or Daddy say “please” as part of instructions given or requests made to their child, it is a powerful moment that the child can emulate. Politeness is a way of acknowledging the dignity of others and a verbal recognition that speaks of this truth: “I’m not … Continued

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off-course church

Correcting the Off-Course Church Plant

They say that everything rises and falls on leadership. Of course they say a lot of things: many of them true, but not all of them helpful. This is one saying that is true enough to help. I only made it through five pages of the first leadership book that my church planter coach asked … Continued

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Questions About Sex

9 Questions for Spouses About Sex

The pastors of all the Valley Life Churches asked me to put together a few questions for married couples to work through after the “Married Nights” sermon from our current sermon series, Better Together. I’m thankful for the help of my wife, Brooke, in putting these together. We recognize that what you hear on Sunday … Continued

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How I Evangelize

Sometimes when I tell stories about how someone became a Christian, people want to hear more about how these conversations start. They want to tell their friends about Jesus, but would like to think through the conversation first. How It Starts Recently, I met with someone who got an invitation to a one of our sermon … Continued

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3 Healing Steps for the Toxic Marriage

A lady put salt in her coffee. Or at least that’s the way the story goes. Not on purpose, mind you, but intending to sweeten her morning drink, she destroyed it. The lady, Mrs. Peterkin, rallied her family for help. They turned to a chemist who conducted experiments to remove the salt from the coffee and … Continued

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